Where it happens...

I am preparing for the move of my study from where it has been for over 20 years and there is a considerable challenge in clearing out a place where I have worked for so long.   My new study will be  - well, wait and see - and this will become a bedroom. 

It is here that I based myself for the four years I was out of the Parliament and wrote several books.  In fact I think all my books have been written in this room , almost all my commentary and journalism and lots of other things too.  

It suddenly occurred to me this morning that it is also an un-blipped place, which is strange considering how many blips I must have uploaded from here.  

So this is the study, a lot brighter since the new velux roof window was installed last week, and a little messier than usual (though Cathleen and Cailean would dispute that I am sure)  as papers , pamphlets, notes and books are being boxed , some for the new study and some for dumping or , the case of the books, given away.  

It even features my standing desk, which I have had for a couple of years and which I like very much , and Tigear, who is asleep on my chair.  

However I did a bit more than clear the study today.  I managed, eventually when the rain stopped, to cut the back grass  and as it was also the day of the Colintraive Fete we went down there for a bit.   My extra picture - another panorama - shows the busy scene. 

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