Enzo the Baker

By Enzo


many delights today: a generous gift from D. next door, which will go well with the lamb chops Mrs E. will cooking for our tea. 

England have the momentum at old Trafford. 

Tidying continues to produce overlooked delights: today, a copy of 'Right Ho, Jeeves' (Penguin #934, pub 1954 - so as old as me) which fell open at the Prizegiving at Market Snodsbury GS. 

"It's a beautiful world, P.K. Purvis [winner of the Prize for Spelling and Dictation]."
"Sir, yes, sir."
"Ah, you've noticed it, have you? Good. You married, by any chance?"
"Sir, no, sir."
"Get married, P.K. Purvis," siad Gussie earnestly. "It's the only life ... Well, here's your book. Looks rather bilge ti me from a glance at the title page, but, such as it is, here you are."

And the sun shines on the garden flowers while a rainbow lights up the Worcester plain. 

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