Plan B.

Not my plan B, the Cucamelon's.
Small invasion by Clicky & Jerra roused me from an impending kip to break the monotony. Shots around the garden, inevitably, ensued. Froglets were sought, and found; Romneya, Coulteri studied, the tiny Waterlilies examined and the inevitable brew partaken.
In mid partake, with us still out but heading for the greenhouse it started to rain a wee bit. "All into the Greenhouse SHARPISH!" Whereupon it proceeded to rain in a manner a now departed colleague of mine was wont to describe as "PISSistantly".
Whilst lurking therein we looked at my 1st ripe Tom & my 1st 1/2 ripe "Beefsteak" Tom. Attention next moved to the Cucamelon trying to take command of the greenhouse. I now have the task of trying to find out if a tendril 1st grabs something and then goes curly to pull itself towards the captured stem/leaf/support.
My Plan A was undecided, but liable to be a tendril. When I got the shots onto the "Disputer" I was gobsmacked to find the tendril in question had, metaphorically, changed its mind 1/2 way along and changed direction of curl.
SO - I suppose I'll have to study a few to see if this is the norm.
Top - What I intended.
Bottom - After the "discovery".

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