Jones Journal

By MeeshJ

RAF Museum Cosford

Mr J and I spent some time at the RAF Museum in Cosford this afternoon. It's somewhere we've visited regularly over the years with the children and their friends and taken visitors to, I thought it fits in with the cultural blip challenge. Set in lovely Shropshire countryside it's free to enter, next to an active airfield where we watched several gliders going up. There's over 70 aircraft on display and lots of artefacts to see, many events take place in the grounds throughout the year as well. It's hard to believe how long ago some of the engines and planes were built, how the technology has developed over time and how Cosford itself has changed. B and H have always enjoyed the interactive section, holiday activities and of course the shop!

MiG-15bis, I remember this plane from Top Gun, which incidentally is being shown at an outdoor cinema screening at Cosford in September. In the extras Spitfire 1 and Hurricane, the Vulcan, Sikorsky MH-53M Pave Low IV Helicopter and the National Cold War Exhibition Hangar.

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