I'm knackered Dave !

Sunny and warmer this morning and plenty of things to do in the garden.
I cut back the Honeysuckle by the south wall and strimmed the grass underneath.
Then deadheaded the 2 white buddleia and trimmed a bush nearby.
Last I headed to the pond to replace some barley straw and I cleaned out the little stream of weeds and debris.
Molly enjoyed her morning following me around and bringing her ball.
I really forgot to take any photos except the above of Molly after a busy morning.
We've been invited to our neighbors garden for a picnic lunch along with a few others.
Sad news the Hoglet didn't make it as I found him yesterday evening dead.
I was able to inspect him more closely but could see nothing wrong with him externally so I don't know why he died.
Thanks for stopping by its appreciated and I hope you have a nice day too.

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