Shear Bliss

My contribution for today's Mono Monday Challenge - Old.
I have no idea how old these shears are but my guess would be early 20th century.
In about 1909, when he was 17 years old. my Granddad and several of his brothers worked their passage to Australia,  Whilst there, they worked sheep shearing and chopping down trees - they had come from an agricultural background (as many did in those days) in Staffordshire, so probably didn't need much tuition. When the First World War broke out he worked his way back again, along with all but one of his brothers, who stayed on in Australia. The reason for their return was to fight in the war. The other brothers were all killed in the war. My Granddad moved about to several places in the duration of the war and finished up in Gallipoli where he suffered frost bite in his toes from his time in the trenches. He was then brought back to England and moved to a temporary hospital in Stratford-on-Avon where he met the lady who subsequently became my Grandmother and the rest is history.
He always cut the edges of the lawn and trimmed shrubs with a pair of sheep-shears just like these, and he said they were what he had used in Australia. Whether they were his original pair I shall never know. When my Mum and Dad died, my brother asked for them, so I gave them to him, although I'd always treasured them because of my Granddad.
When we visited Australia, we saw a similar pair in an antique shop, so C bought them for me, and this is them. If you can read the writing on them, it says "Combination No 1 Sheffield" so they had started life in the UK!
Anyway - I love these old shears and now use them purely for decorative purposes.   
Thanks to TheAphid for today's challenge. 

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