Mr. HCB and his friend, Keith, had their usual monthly morning breakfast today, so I got up very slowly and left them to eat and chat.  

After I had my shower, I came downstairs in my pink robe, ready to go out into the garden to find something tiny for today’s challenge.  I have to say I am not getting on that well with my new Panasonic TZ100 camera and had been out there early yesterday evening taking photographs of various flowers, but deleted most of them!

As I walked across the grass, in the rain, to look at our main flower border, my eye was caught by this little bird trying to get onto the fat balls.  Mr. HCB, who was standing at the conservatory door, mouthed that it was a baby robin - so it had to be my Blip for today - it was hard to decide which one to use, so I have put another one in as an extra.

There was no evidence of either of the parents, so this one is probably out on its own now, as the young robins are tended by their parents for up to three weeks after fledging and frequently the care of the them is left to the male, while the female prepares herself for the next nesting effort.  Although we do see quite a lot of robins in our garden, apparently, when they are moulting in mid-summer, they are rarely seen or heard.  If we leave food on the ground for them, sadly, the pigeons come along almost immediately to “hoover” it up, so I’m pleased this baby one managed to hang on to the fat ball feeder and have some breakfast this morning

This baby robin isn’t tiny, but it’s small - it’s certainly not colourful, but it will be when it the speckled feathers are lost when it is about two to three months old - so I guess it half fits the bill.  We both enjoyed watching it and listening to it chirruping  as it moved through the border searching for any scraps dropped from the bird feeders.  

Interestingly, only last night I was telling a fellow Blipper, SimpleMoments, who lives in America, that our robins in the UK were very different from the one she blipped on the 6th August.  

I can see from this photograph that the fence needs repainting - so a job for me when the rain stops but I won’t be doing it wearing my pink robe!

A bird does not sing
     because it has an answer.
It sings because
     it has a song.
Chinese proverb

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