By Livingandloving

Buzz Off

I did not sleep well.  Topaz decided to sleep on my head, and I tossed and turned and felt hot....and grouchy.  

So...Monday started off icky...and tired.  Work went okay.  The day sort of crept on by.  I thought The Hubby was going to be out Shrimping, so as I drove home I began to look forward to my evening alone.  Then...he was home.  It isn't that I didn't want to see was just that I had my heart set on alone time.  sigh.....

Before I drove up the drive, I got out with my camera and hunger.  I ate blackberries (yum), and snapped some shots.  I rather like watching the bumble bees hover around the blackberry blossoms. 

The Hubby and I watched a movie and tried to get to bed early.  I let Topaz sleep with us again...and he did much better. 

Hoping my girl had a great day at camp.  Can't wait to hear all about it.

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