Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Conversation with wild berries

Berries: "Oh we're so flattered you took our photo, we're rather proud of                   our pre-autumn colour!"
Me: "You're absolutely gorgeous! I'll be back with my camera as your                 colour deepens."
Berries: giggling with pleasure....
Me: "Berries, tell me please, when flowers and vegetables grow outside of a fence, are they considered wild? Because I need to capture wild things for my Wild Wednesday Collage."
Berries: "Hmmm", said the berries, not really wanting to commit themselves too much. "Basically, yes, but we reckon if you try and pick that marrow when it's ripe, you might get a good telling off."
Me: "No, I won't pick anything, I just want to take some photos."

The berries nodded gently in the morning breeze, so I took that to be a 'YES'!

Thanking Cailleach for hosting this lovely challenge!

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