Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

Put on a thick pair of socks and they'll be fine

Not sure what triggered it but I was thinking about my dad over lunch and one of the memories was him coming home from work with a pair of sized 13 (that's children size 13, not adult size 13) Hush Puppies for me. It was very rare for my dad to give you gifts out of the blue which is probably one of the reasons why the memory has stuck. Anyway, the shoes were more than a little too big for me (I had/have small feet but we know what that means, wink, wink) but there was no way I was going to let him down by letting on that they didn't fit so I lied and said they were fine. The situation wasn't quite as bad as the picture but not far short. I wore them out the next day and was well into my stride before the shoes even began to move!

Boy's night tonight and I'm hosting. We are off to Brugge at the end of August so I thought I would serve a nice Flemish stew with frites as a taster of what is too come. 3 hours making that dish last night and it was awful, smelled and tasted burnt so I have thrown it away and started again with an alternative dish (which may have been supermarket brought but desperate times call for desperate measures). Wish me luck.

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