The delta, looking lovely!

Unexpected trip to Sundsvall today as Keith was offered an appointment with the heart specialist, someone had cancelled. Excellent. We drove off early, ate a fabulous Indian meal at "Taste of India" in the middle of town. The place filled up to bursting, always a good sign. The food is served as a buffé and it is delightful, sophisticated and feels authentic.

Lis and I stayed in town whilst Keith met the doctor. He's come out with some more pills and advice. His interesting heart patterns are apparently age-related changes, but otherwise he is a low risk person. He has been told to carry on as per normal with training etc which is great news. After a while they will have another look at him. 

I am very grateful for the rapid help given, and for the Swedish version of the NHS where there is an annual ceiling on medical expenses, one of the pills was super expensive....

I'm rather fascinated by the difference between the excellent specialist care he's getting, as compared to the run-around I'm having in primary health care. However, I have a telephone appointment tomorrow morning to be told the results of the scan - finally. The nurse even suggested I could wait for my doctor to return in 2 weeks, which would mean a wait of over 6 weeks - good job I haven't been worrying! (heard this morning it was all perfectly clear, nice!)

In other news...
Today I found a most exciting bargain, a lime green, waterproof, breathable outdoor coat in the 70% off sale. I have worked quite hard to find such a garment of the right length and style here, where all the women who do outdoor stuff are thought to be tall and very slim. Finally there it was, in a fashion shop where Lis was trying to buy a jacket. It's not fluorescent, but almost. I will light up the dark, snowy wastes in the winter!

This picture is from a very pleasant walk we did out on the delta. It rained quite hard for a couple of hours, but when we were out it had almost dried up and everything felt fresh and clean. It's a beautiful, open place to be. Next stop Finland. Keith's blip is much more informative than mine:

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