Strange plant

on my windowsill. I have been nurturing this from a cutting for a while. It has lovely glossy leaves and when flowering which is for most of the year its looks mostly like the version in second shot but then this funny orchid like thing appeared and there are a few now. I had its cousin from my cousin Archie and that has been spread around my friends and relations.

Today I again tried to unpack boxes of my own and Mr AF emptied a box of my clothes on the bed to "encourage" me to do something with them. In fact I had to rescue him from another electrical problem with the power cleaner..... a recurrent problem in actual fact. I wont go in to the boring details but today was another palaver trying to do washings and dryings and moving appliances about but the chief electrician came and sorted one of the problems out after work. Mrs Chief electrician came with the kids in the am and had coffee. While I was sat there enjoying myself blowing bubbles with M and Mr AF was showing Master J how to do "real" magic tricks, Mrs suddenly realised that she had had an arrangement with a friend and she had to go tout de suite. That was the end of my Granny time although I did catch up for 10 mins later.
It appears that Mrs C (our daughter) is a bit of an extrovert and goes hither and thither meeting people and partying with her children. Who would have thunk it ? Mr AF did a lot of power cleaning so the decking is looking a lot better. I popped next door to say that I would be killing the weeds in our grass and I said that I would have enough for next door. I met Mum in law and she invited me in and we had a great chat. Unfortunately I hadn't informed Mr AF and while I was tied up for half an hour he was getting a bit worried. I just didn't like to break off the conversation.

My friend's dog has gone missing. They must be really worried as I know how this feels as our dog did that too long ago. She did turn up with her tail between her legs and was promptly sick of a load of baked beans....... It could only have been our dog. I'm hoping for good news of J's doggie but they have spent the whole day looking and so far no appearance.............................. on this occasion I'm not positive but I hope to be wrong. She is an old dog. Anyway you never know.....................

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