By Livingandloving

FEED ME!!!!!

Wednesday is always my meeting day.  Today, I only had one in the morning, so that was nice.  I finished up preparing for a training session I will lead tomorrow for staff.  

I was excited to head home again.  Another evening to myself.  I stopped along my road to eat a few blackberries.  I noticed a little bird on a gate.  I took a few photos, and then noticed another bird swooping in at the little bird on the gate.  I took a few more photos and saw that it was a mother bird feeding her young one.  I don't usually get a chance to capture these things.  I have sort of bad wildlife mojo according to my husband.  If I have my camera....wildlife stay away. If I don't have my things happen. all came together and really made my day. 

This evening, I took about 20 minutes to go through my bookshelf and ruthlessly purge.  I'm in a purging mood, so I must go with it.  

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