Lunchtime Sailors

You know one of those days in the office when you have so much to do you're not quite sure where to start? Today was one of those days. One interruption followed another and by midday my colleague and I decided fresh air was in order.

A quick browse around the castle shop and coffee at the lakeside cafe with the Wildlife Warden then a quick ride on the boat across the lake. Halfway across and the Wildlife Warden starts jumping up and down with excitement and asks the skipper to stop.

He thrusts his binoculars at me and through the lens I could see the striking turquoise plumage of a kingfisher. Families on board got in on the excitement and each took it in turns to look through the binoculars.

Later on in the afternoon my colleague had a chance to talk about the kingfisher sighting with a live interview on BBC Radio Kent with Pat and Erika.

The Radio Kent mobile tracker landed at the Castle via Segway Tours and an interview with the falconer followed by Wildlife later we were given instructions to pass it onto someone else in Kent for Monday's show. Tune into Radio Kent at 145pm Monday to find out who...

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