George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry


Oh my.  We did have a pretty busy day.

First thing this morning we did get out into the garden, which was very badly needed, and we did some pruning and some weeding and some general tidying up.


Oh, I did all the guarding.  Which is possibly the most important part of gardening.

Then SHE did have to go out to one of those blessed meetings which seem to rule her life.  And she did get back quite late, but she was smiling which meant it was a good meeting, and it also meant she mostly got her own way.

Me?  I  slept.  Which was a good thing.

On account of we did go on a route march.  SHE bundled me into the car, and I thought it was going to be a drive in the country.  Except that it wasn't.   We only drove a short way, to a place called Gate 3.  Gate 3 is very important because you can walk into the Park that way.  A doddle I thought, because we go into Gate 3 a lot, but it's part of our walk.  The fact that we drove up there should have rung alarm bells. 

We did walk all the way down the road, to another road, which led to the lake, and we walked around the lake and up a dirt track which led back to the first road.  Then we walked all the way back up that road, to our car.

That's why I am ker-knack-er-ed.  And I really am, because I'm a boy dog, and I don't have any. Because I've been .... well, you know.

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