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New Tools

Time to pass my iPad on to my sister, and reduce the weight of my travel bag with this iPad Mini4, protected by the Logitech Focus Any-Angle Stand, and accompanied by the appealing Logitech Keys-to-Go.

The iPad Mini 4 (10.4 oz / 299 g) + the Logitech Focus Any-Angle Stand (9.1 oz / 257 g) surrounding it together equal 19.5 oz / 553 g.  Add in the keyboard and the total goes to 25.9 oz (1.62 lb) / 734 g. That's the kind of math I like!

These were not impulsive buys; I've been studying all the options for six months or so. There was, however, the usual confusion on my part about the various passwords needed for these transactions, but all's well now.

It's good to have my new tools in time for some travels coming up at the end of this month... but before that, I'll get in a little practice by using them to do some catching up here!

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