Couple of days ago I found a bag full of nice clothes next to the garbage bins (that's the way to recycle). All the sizes were too small for me, but I took this xs size maxi dress and cut it again and made a really nice 100% light cotton dress for myself today. This is really my favorite at the moment.

I also got a bag of old sheets and stuff from a friend yesterday. That bag contained Hello Kitty sheet set. That's really fab. The only thing is that the Hello Kitty cat face is really big size so to utilize that in a cool way will require some figuring. The other side is Hello Kitty brand name printed over and over again. I started to make a dress out of that one, but it didn't go as I wanted and I needed to take some time to figure that one out too. Perhaps I'll continue tomorrow. I might have an idea but I'm too tired to try it out this late.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday here (something about Mary). The noise outside at the moment is terrible. Children and adults shouting and partying and blowing small explosives. It's gonna be a long night for us and Buddha who is so afraid of explosion noises. I might just have to join the crowds and drink some Sangria to survive this night (I hate loud noises, I'm that old!).

Anyway I'm really inspired by all the recycled materials I now have. They are all washed and I can just let my imagination run wild. If I mess up something, it's not such a big deal.

For the recycled bag my friend gave me I gave her 4 tops. One of which she wore immediately. So I think we are both happy with the transaction. :-)

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