By Jenmoirio

Royal roof

I needed a bank after work and looked for something close and open online. It said there was one at St Andrews Square. Got there and realised it was that bank. Do they even use it for ordinary transaction. It is that grand! I've seen a photo online before but never been inside. I was in awe! My pictures don't do it justice. There is a desplay inside about the building too and I saw people just sitting so I think they're used to people popping in to admire the splender.
I think the story is a church was planned for that spot that would be part of the new town plans to have another church as its opposite at the other end of the street with another Square. But a big wig decided he wanted his house there. Amazing to think this was a house. There was a great program about the architecture of the new town but I'm afraid I'm doing a terrible job reiterating it. Anyway now I've been in here I would take an out of towner here as it's bound to be a little known spot.
Also I don't bank with the Royal and was looking for the plain old bank of Scotland. Did not notice this fact till at the teller, I blame the awe!

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