Had to be really!

Apologies for lack of commenting, been so busy lately with the wedding coming up, visitors expected (tomorrow), the bike.....

Couldn't blip anything else today even if there had been a hurricane in Gloucester.
Picked up the CTX1300 this morning, dropped off the Shadow. I'm sure she'll find a good home.
The CTX (Comfort, Technology and Experience) had one previous owner who upgraded to an F6C, which is a stripped down GoldWing and is the latest from Honda in the touring range.
I can't imagine me changing from this bike, it is big and comfortable for the longer journeys and I will most certainly be doing one of the 1,000 mile routes next June for the RBLR1000 Poppy Appeal run.

Sorted out the SatNav and camera position, it's got a 12v accessory socket so no wiring to the battery necessary. Fantastic combined spot and fog lamps, the backrest to stick my travelling bag over and luggage rack for the camping gear. Panniers too rather than soft saddlebags.
All in all, very chuffed!

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