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By nette

picking strawberries

I spent too long typing a description of the great place we went to today, and lost the whole thing. But this is a family-owned, gourmet country store that has a U-pick farm out the back door. You would never guess that there's over 50 rows of these strawberry columns, lots of summer vegetables growing, pineapples and bananas, and then lots of animals and birds, too!
the strawberry plants are in some kind of styrofoam-type material made into rings that stack together, and they can spin around on the cone shaped bottoms. They are watered by the pipe system you see above the plants. It's quite a set-up. The berries are just starting to ripen, so we'll be able to go back for a while. Maybe I can blip the miniature donkeys or one of the beautiful birds next time.

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