Direction of Light 5.37 pm,

an embarrassing shot but I don't have the time nor the light to improve things right now. I wanted to know where to put seating in the garden so as I investigated the light through out the day this is one of my shots. Taken at 5.30 ish......... I will miss our last garden as I could find sunlight all day there. I can find it here too but it is not so accessible...........Sometimes its better to have a problem to solve..................................

With that in mind, I remember living in Rome with two small children while my husband, Mr AF worked in the city. I might have stayed a lot in doors in our flat which was one of the first house swaps back in the day (they had our flat in London) It was extremely hot with no air conditioning. In this flat Doug aged 5 and Lindsay aged 4 were running around and making noise such that my Italian neighbour below phoned me up every day to tell me to stop making the noise...........I suppose she was having a siesta. That's when I decided to go out every afternoon and visit Rome and get out of her hair.... I never did meet her but I saw a lot of Rome and we went everywhere by the bus which was very very busy. The Romans were very helpful when we all squeezed on the bus.
We had a brilliant time and I hope to come across my photos of that occasion when I dig into the slides although I cant imagine me carrying a heavy camera around with me with these two running a mock !!!!

Forget about today............very domesticated but AFSIL called and prepared us for the electrician with the booming voice coming tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I will see Miss and Master who will be in tow.

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