Caffeine medication

Dad had his carpal tunnel op today. All went well and he was in and out of the surgery within 30 minutes. This is him about an hour later, rewarding himself with a nice vanilla latte.

If all is okay he will have the other hand done in a fortnight. He can't wait to get his hands back to normal again and get back to darts and bowls as his hands have been getting worse for a long while now.

As we finished our US walk, we are now counting down Leo's miles towards his 1000 miles for the year. As his school wouldn't let him wear his Fitbit until around April time he has done well to get this far. I have a medal waiting for him when he gets to 1000. At the rate he is going at the moment he will be there in no time. Tomorrow is multi sport day for him so a bit of footie, tennis, dodgeball, basketball and table tennis. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

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