By hjarald

Shooting Stars

Heard on the news that there would be a rain of shooting stars, so I decided to install myself on the roof to have the best open sky view.

Saw exactly three great burn trails of 2 seconds each over an hour star gazing / neck hernia. Don't know why the predicted a 'rain' of meteorites.

Took some nice shots but even with longer exposures it's pure luck to have an open lens at the right moment and have your camera directed in the right direction of the universe above you.

Guess you get the picture,... I failed to capture it, but this represents what I did see with my eyes and wanted to share that special moment with this post produced impression. Best viewed LARGE if you want to see all the stars.

Oh yes... I did make three wishes, one for every falling star!

One wish was for all of you :-)

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