Cultural Blip - CBPOI Pottinger Street

I do enjoy the blip community challenges and have often participated, and have been mindful of what 'off the beaten track' spot in Hong Kong I could feature. There are many, but this is one of my favourite places.

Pottinger street is popular among locals as a place to go for dress up costumes and accessories and during particular festivals and celebrations, it is bursting with shoppers and colourful wares.

This is the start of Pottinger Street and not sonwhere where too many tourists head to. These lanterns are a new addition from the 20th anniversary celebrations/decorations and I guess they're here to stay! This part of the street has the most vast array of buttons, ribbons, cords and other haberdashery stuff. And it's always fun passing here.

So if you are ever in Hong Kong and need an unusual outfit, ANYTHING your mind can imagine, it's right here.

The boys and I had a visit with the dentist and then shopping for some supplies before they head back to the UK in two and a half weeks :(.

Martin and visiting friend Bill and jon and I all met up for dinner at our favourite Crystal Jade! Always a good choice .

Lovely day indeed. And the pollution was soooo low that Hong Kong looked really beautiful in the evening with all its lights on!

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