Tribal Gathering

Sister in Law Fifi and Brother in Law Neil, arrived from Tasmania yesterday for the wedding on Saturday. We had a family gathering for them and also to prematurely welcome our next grandson to the world (due 22 September).
Left to right we have a very pregnant Joanne, Daniel at the back, white haired F.M.i.L. Betty, Fifi, Neil, Marlane, Dhylan and then Julia.
Johanna (bride to be on Saturday) is behind Marlane but I'll try to make up for not getting her in todays blip on the day.

Yesterday I made 72 cup carrot cakes ready for Saturday, in fact I made 96 but in the first batch I dropped half an eggshell into the mix and although we fished all we could out, we couldn't see any more, we didn't want to take the chance on a wedding guest getting more of a crunch than a tiny piece of carrot!

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