To the Manor Born

Just back from an amazing and action-packed three days in North Cork with our friends R & F, and the weather was kinder than anticipated: 12 wells, 2 castles, various graveyards and the odd church under our belts! Some wells had disappeared, some were in the roots of trees, some needed a lot of exploring and one was quite delightful. Back blips will be  in order tomorrow. 
This was our last port of call - Castle Lohort. we did have to roll under a gate but we had been given permission by people living near by so Himself and R didn't feel too terrible. What an astonishing thing. This is the gatehouse and then there's a long avenue to the castle proper - see extras. Built around 1496, snazzied up in 1760, abandoned for most of the 20th century but now bought and the family are currently doing-up the stables. There is meant to be a well on the demesne but it was shoulder high in nettles and knotweed and you had to some how get over the moat. And it started to rain. Heavily. 

Back home and a read of the papers and the world has gone mad. This seems a long way from any of that. 

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