Last day at the park

After Kings Island, we drove the three hours back to Sandusky and stayed in the Quality Inn that's attached to the Thirsty Pony, Jill's favorite bar there. We got a corner room, which was nice.

The next day, the day of this blip, we went to Cedar Point for a few hours before my flight back. We only rode Gatekeeper (pictured) and Cedar Downs and ate at Melt. Raptor was down all day, and Millennium Force went down when we were in line. Jill got a picture of the lift mechanism on Millennium Force when we exited the station.

It was too bad I couldn't get more rides on Raptor, but at least I did get to ride it again. It was a good vacation. These two parks were my eighth and ninth this year. In October, my 10th park will be Knoebels, again with Jill. Until then!

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