Geese in the Water Garden

Only photo I took today!

I went to the Nursing home and had a coffee with Suzanne the manager, chased the final bill which I need to complete her tax return and picked up some petty cash that was there for the hairdresser or whatever. Found out that a lovely lady called Audrey had passed away and also a fascinating lady who was in her 90s and had been a pilot, I forget her name and I only met her once. Norman is still going strong, I didn't feel up to visiting him today.

Weight watchers, i am not following the plan at the moment, can't seem to get motivated but I enjoy the meetings and hope to get on with losing some weight once the kids are back at school.

Nice walk through the park.


Phone calls/admin...

Z cooked me turkey salmon, peppers and rice for tea and we watched some Kitchen Nightmares, Max was out photographing a wedding.

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