By SmartYin

Careful Where You Step

The complete lack of a culture of health and safety in Russia never ceases to amaze me. This is just the latest example from right round the corner from where I live. My attention was first caught by the guy leaning against the tower. Then I noticed the guy on top and I thought he was doing something, but then saw he was struggling to get down. I then noticed the guy at the bottom was not only trying to hold it steady, but that he seemed to be physically trying to stop it going over.
Being the good Samaritan I am, I offered to catch the top guy if he jumped, but he was too scared of heights to actually jump. Ok, I made that last bit up. Given my lack of Russian, and their presumed lack of English I decided it best not to interfere. There were other people around and they were not shouting for help, it was just par for the course in Moscow.

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