August dereliction

Slept like the proverbial log last night, was so tired having had a lousy night Friday, despite a lovely day out with friends...only slept 12 to 2.20, woke and was awake until 6am!! I did manage to get 3.5 hours eventually.

Hubs foot has felt improved over the last few days so after going for the papers, we decided to walk up to the farm for some eggs and one or two other bits. The weather was pleasant, some sun and I took my camera for the first time since end of June when it broke!!!

I decided to use these old barns for my blip today, I liked the sky behind, and I can tag them for Augusts Dereliction too :-)

When we got home we had done over 8000 steps, and hubs foot had stood up pretty good. We had a quick coffee and hub sat a while reading his paper, whilst I did some batch blanching for the freezer......runner beans, sweetheart cabbage and cauliflower.
Hub decided to cut the front and back lawns.

Then it was time for lunch......hub had picked a lot of tomatoes, so it had to be fried tomatoes in olive oil with basil and blackpepper, on toast with grilled crispy bacon on top.....has to be one of my most favourite lunches :-)))
We had a cuppa outside whilst finishing the papers.

I cut some oregano, rosemary and parsley from the herb garden to mix with minced lamb, fried a chopped red onion, combined it all to make some meatballs for this evenings dinner. Defrosted some home tomato pasta sauce, just got to cook some pasta in a mo!!

A bit of laundry got done too inbetween other things.......and I refilled all the bird feeders too!

My team have started this season off really well.....lets hope it continues ;-))

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