One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Specky McDrizzle

We had a vivifying walk on the beach.
Nana's beach. The one that is at the end of her garden. 
After a while, it was decided that the drizzle could in fact be upgraded to proper rain. 
We were spared a second lunch al freezo. Even her gullible friends back in France would find it strange. Two meals outside. Two days in a row. In Belmullet... 
We had homemade fish & chips indoors. I got the batter for the mackerel fillets just right today. 
Then the weather cleared. From rain to drizzle to overcast. To a glimpse of sun for 17 seconds around 4pm. 
We saw a pod of bottle-nose dolphins. We saw them round up the mackerel,  ever tightening the circle. And then going for the kill. 

I wonder if they got the batter right. 

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