Eclipse sequence

We spent last night at West Yellowstone, about 100 miles from the centre line of today's total eclipse. Reports of massively increased numbers of tourists left us a bit nervous about getting to the eclipse site in time, so we left the Motel at 3.30am and arrived at Victor (close to the Grand Tetons) well before 7am. The huge traffic jams never materialised. We set up on a viewing site with enough parking space for certainly a few hundred cars, but the numbers there never got above about 50 vehicles. 

Skies were beautifully clear, and the eclipse started at 10.16, reaching totality by 11.35, and finishing at 1.00.

The moment it reached totality, when the earth went dark and the corona erupted from the Sun was unbelievable; it's my first total eclipse, and words like awesome, incredible, amazing, and breathtaking don't come close to what I felt at that moment. I took few photos during totality, but really enjoyed the 1 minute 30 seconds. I will never forget that time, but I think I might be hooked! There's another total eclipse in 2024, and I'm having thoughts already!

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