Tv time

I forgot to take any pictures so he was a last-minute one of Max and Gulliver watching telly.
I popped in on Emma to borrow some boots for Gulliver because he's doing the Duke of Edinburgh award next month but unfortunately they don't fit, we had a quick coffee together and talked about her mothers funeral which is on the 29th, she has four sisters and they are getting there on agreeing everything. They are not having any problems agreeing but it's just the fact that everything has to be discussed between five people that takes time. I am actually quite grateful that everything was really up to me when it came down to it with Mums affairs.

Then I walked into Kingston and I met up with my friend Jo who I have known since I was pregnant with Zebedee, we met in an exercise class for pregnant ladies, madly we haven't seen each other for a year and of course a lot is happened so we had to coffee is and a long natter to catch up on each other's news.
Then off to the bank then back home to supervise Gulliver doing some homework and then I spent the afternoon revising songs for tomorrow's show in the West End.
I was very tired this evening so I just had a long lazy night watching TV.

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