Doom and Disaster Day with the Camera.

It was a bit of a disaster today as far as photography goes. We went to the estuary in Napier to photograph  the birds and, doom and disaster, when I aimed at a nearby kingfisher I found I had left the camera card at home in the laptop. I was so cross with myself as it was a beautiful morning  and there were several nicely posed kingfishers and other birds quite close to the track.

At least we had a good walk before heading to daughters in-laws for a catch up and morning tea.

The estuary here is much more extensive than the one at home but has very much the same bird life. I did like the large signs placed along the track at intervals giving information on the wildlife and  statistics about the  estuary in general.

My blip today is a hasty photo of youngest grandchild aged 9, who is learning guitar. I had to vignette the photo as unfortunately she had a vacuum cleaner growing out of the top of her head and the cloning job was a bit obvious. As I said, it was all doom and disaster with photography today.

I am sorry I am not getting round to  commenting much.  but am at least trying to scatter stars and hearts each day.

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