The fur-colored cow

The precursor of our milk cow is the oeros (in the Latin Forest primigenius). This oeros was an impressive animal, two meters tall and with long, forward-looking horns. This wild animal was gradually tampered with humans, so that the domestic cattle could be kept for their milk and flesh. The livestock was created around 7000 BC in the Near East. The first cows were identified around 5000 BC in the Netherlands.

There are many different types of cows in the Netherlands.
Holstein blackberry / Friesland Dutch blackberry (the best known as black and white dairy cows)
Holstein red fur
Brown swiss
Mrij (maas-rijn-ijssel)
Friesian red fur

These are all dairy cows. Furthermore, there are many meat cattle for slaughter.

Recently, a new species has also been identified in the area.
The fur-colored cow. He is neither a milk cow nor a meat cow. He is lazy and is usually in the same place.

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