The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

Expedition Rottumeroog

Every year 600 people are allowed to go on expedition at Rottumeroog, it's a deserted island in the North Sea near the German border... You can only go there by boat and when the water is low by low tide you need to walk 1,5 km through the mud and through the loose and dry sand. But it was a wonderful experience, once in a lifetime... and something you will never forget. We had good guides and great group of people. 
Here's a link so you can look to some info if you like... Rottumeroog

I'll be away for a few days... I try to keep up as good and as bad as I can... I will definitely sprinkle stars and hearts... many thanks for understanding... xx

I've done some back bliping... well worth to look forward if you have the time...

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