New Project in Karonga, 250 Km North

21st August 2017

The pics show Miriam with a new pump user. Then Rose at the welcome and four of the five ambassadors: Laston on Forestry, Miriam on Preschools, Alfred on pumps and the BOSS Rose. Harisen took the picture

Following our visit to your organization, we as Lusubilo Community based Organization are interested to work with you in the following projects:

Provision of safe water to the poor people in our catchment area (Karonga, Chitipa and some parts of Rumphi).
Irrigation pumps in our agricultural projets
Fruit trees and forestry

As Lusubilo, we provide 10 boreholes  per year within Karonga diocese but we feel there is a great need for safe and clean water because many people, especially in Chitipa and Karonga still drink very unsafe water. As a consequence diseases related to unclean water are on the rise. We are able to identify many poor places in need of safe water but our capacity of 10 boreholes cannot be able to reach many communities. We feel your presence in Karonga and chitipa will be highly apprerciated.
We are also engaged in a number of agricultural projects and we feel we would benefit a lot from your irrigation pump.
I am willing to introduce you to our Director Sr. Beatrice Chipeta and probably Bishop Martin Mtumbuka as we work towards this partnership.
We are looking forward to to a fruitful partnership as we serve vulnerable communities.
Your feedback on this request will be highly appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Vitumbiko Ngwira ( Deputy Director).


21 Aug 2017: Alfred Factory: 
Hi boss, we are back from Karonga having a successful visit. We first introduced ourselves to Lusubiro Orphanage where we were warmly welcomed. They also introduced themselves and what they are doing. After the introduction, they took us around their premises to see what they are doing, they are well established organisation whereby they have a children's home. They care the children of the age of a week to 18 years of age. They also teach people the new methods of farming e.g teaching people the goodness of Terthrosia and some plants which bring back fertility into the soil. They also give bursaries to needy children. They also give 10 boreholes each year to people in their catchment area (Karonga Chitipa and some parts of Rumphi) The number of boreholes given to the people are very small as compared to the population of the people. This is the reason why they are asking W4Z for help. They are also more interested in our irrigation pump. People were very much interested to see that even women can maintain themselves when it is broken and how soft while pumping. Finally the senior chief of the area praised W4Z for caring for the poor people. They requested for more pumps in the area. The Lusubiro staff also gave many thanks to the C.E.O of W4Z for allowing the W4Z team to visit the area and help where we can. They have also promised to help where they can.

Dear John and Mary,
It is with great joy that I write to inform you on the successful meeting that Lusubilo community organization had with the team from Wells for Zoe on 21st August, 2017.  We are more than pleased that you are willing to extend your services to the diocese of Karonga. This is an important stage as we work towards ending this form of modern slavery ‘Lack of clean and safe water that makes women walk long distances to fetch water. 
The team from Wells for Zoe was privileged to visit one of the poor communities within the township of Karonga that is in need of safe water and indeed irrigation pumps. It was very touching to hear the community express their interest in your services. I have no doubt that your services will save thousands of lives from drinking unsafe water in the diocese of Karonga. 
At the end of interaction with your team we arranged to work on the following points for partnership:
1.      Coming up with a memorandum of understanding for the partnership between Lusubilo and Wells for Zoe.
2.      Consulting the relevant government authorities (The DCs and water board) in the 2 districts.
3.      Setting dates for introducing Wells for Zoe to other needy communities within the diocese.
These plans are already underway and we hope that any time from now, your services will start in the diocese. of Karonga We will keep you updated on any development that will take place. 
I wish you God’s blessings in your work.
Vitumbiko Ngwira (Deputy Director)
Lusubilo Community Based Organization
P.O. Box 42, karonga, Malawi.

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