Clacton Airshow Day 1

Day 1 at Clacton Airshow with BBC Essex as guest commentator for Airshow Radio. The flying display organisers and BBC sound engineers extended me a warm welcome and kept everything working and on schedule with great comms and a sense of humour!

So lovely to speak to many of my pilot pals and crew participating in the show ahead of the event who gave me some wonderful anecdotes (some not suitable for broadcast).

Family and friends listened in live from around the UK on BBC iplayer and some of the pilots tuned in on catch up afterwards to hear my chatter! How sweet.

After a 7am live breakfast show interview, two hour drive and then 8.5 hours on air it was lovely to enjoy dinner and a glass of vino in the hotel with the pilots and flying display committee this evening.

Back on air midday tomorrow for more sun, sea and airshow chatter. Catch me on 103.5FM or online at BBC Essex if you're bored at work!

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