WARNING: This blip will be boring and exceedingly tedious........

I've spent most of today faffing around with a printer.  My old one finally gave up the ghost so I bought a new one, it was delivered yesterday.  Today I set about setting it up.  I must have set up scores of printers in my time dating back to the old dot matrix versions, I still find them a pain.  Normally nowadays it's the wireless connection that plays up, insisting it can't see the printer sitting next to it, connected to the same network.  Well after cursing, cajoling and threatening it decided to link to my WiFi.  Once connected it stuck like glue.  So far, so good.  I signed up for the 'instant ink' scheme as it was free for fifteen pages per month. 

A customer had yesterday asked if I could print something out for her, a good way to test the printer, including the duplex facility.  So I did.....that's when the next problem issue challenge arose, no colour, only grayscale.  I spent the rest of the day, except for a coffee with Ann at Nero, wrestling with this.  I tried everything, visited every setting, obscure and otherwise, and checked all the forums, all to no avail.  

Now the interesting bit, not, diagnostic sheets, prints emailed to the printer and those printed from the tablet all came out in glorious technicolour. Conclusion, there's a laptop problem, not a printer problem.

Before you ask I did reinstall the software and restart the computer (a couple of times).  I give up, for today, unless anyone out there has any bright ideas.

I did warn you at the start!

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