This must be the largest bouquet I've ever received. When DJ had his retirement dinner a month ago I didn't get flowers because we would leave for Singapore a day later, and so I was promised a bouquet later after we had returned. DJ was in Brussels this week and so it was arranged he could bring back the promised flowers. It's an absolutely beautiful multicoloured arrangement with a wide variety of flowers. I'm going to try out capture it in all kind of ways, but didn't have much time as in the morning we were trying to do something about a field mice infestation in the other house, in the afternoon I was busy with cooking for our neighbourhood barbecue and the evening was spent with the neighbours in a very pleasant gettogether on the square.
I'm posting this a day late while trying to wake up even though it's almost noon ;-)
For Flower Friday with thanks to Anni, our host.

Thanks so much for your kind comments, stars and even a fave for the reflection abstract and for all the AT entries !

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