Like a painting

Last night I contacted Ton and Herman to see if they were up for a sunrise shoot on Mandeveld, a stretch of heathland near Bakkeveen. The weather forecast hinted there was a possibility of low fog again so I definitely wanted to go! Ton couldn't make it unfortunately, but Herman could so I set the alarm at four 'o clock this morning. I picked up Herman an hour later and at 5.30 we arrived at the car park. We walked for about ten minutes and then arrived at our viewpoint.

The landscape was just so incredibly beautiful: it looked like a painter had drawn the sky for us and with the blooming heather and the fog there were endless compositional possibilities. Still, I kept coming back to this scene because the light in this area was so great. Just like a couple of days ago, I can't decide which photo to pick so I uploaded two extra shots as well.

Herman did have a lot of fun as well. I'm sure we will see his take as well at a later time. Thanks Herman, it was fun as always!

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