One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Mayo for Sam - again!

Mayo have qualified for the All Ireland football final. Again. 
The hopes are high. Again.
They are likely to play Dublin. Again.
They are likely to be bitterly disappointed. Again. 

Still, statistically, considering the number of times they've managed to get to the last two, they should be in with a chance to get over the final hurdle. 

So far they have managed to beat the odds with a consistency that has the Mayo supporters suffering from Climax Anxiety Syndrome. 

One day, maybe, one day... 

Had a brilliant time at the match. Except perhaps for the fumes emanating from the woolly jumper worn by the old guy sitting right in front and slightly below me. 
A jumper that he has worn for all the Mayo matches he has ever seen. In the last 52 years. A jumper so precious that he would not dare wash it. 

In other news, the north inner city ain't what it used to be. Today I got mugged for my falafel (see extra) 

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