Who knew!

I bet everyone did other than me! When I was a kid I always thought that Minster Munch crisps were monster paws. Leo has enlightened me that they are actually little monsters and they can stand up in monster army formation! How did I manage to munch through many of the little monsters without noticing this before!?! My Monster Munch world has been turned upside down - or more accurately the right way up!

Leo had great time at his friend's birthday party. About 8 of them went to iBounce in Exeter and enjoyed bouncing and somersaulting about the place, followed by some competitive air hockey and hotdogs and birthday cake!

I was chatting to the mums and dads and found out that a few of the kids are leaving Cully Rangers and going to other football clubs as they aren't too happy there! It'll be a real shame as it has been great fun watching the kids and chatting on the touch line. As I don't do the schoolrun, it has been a great way to catch up with all the school goings on too! I'll have to consort with the 'enemy' now and catch up with them when we play against each other instead. I hope not too many other people are leaving! I guess we will find out in a September when the kids season gets underway again.

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