By Doyley22


I was lucky enough to be invited to a game of AFL at Subiaco Oval today to see the battle of the birds - The Eagles v The Crows. The weather perfect for spectating, perhaps a little warm for the players and great company.

This is the last game of AFL played at Subiaco Oval. The games will be played at a new venue in 2018.

Before each game played at Subiaco Oval by The Eagles there is a flight around the arena by an eagle, of the feathered variety. Unfortunately I saw the last half of her flight today. Yes, a female eagle with a female handler. The eagle has a camera on her back during the flight around the arena and at half time we are shown the footage she had produced during her flight. A magic thing to see. As there is a new venue for the AFL games next year apparently the eagle will need retraining to traverse the arena before next years games.

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