Sunny Waddesdon

It was a beautiful day at Waddesdon and, judging by the numbers of people around, I suspect it will be a high visitor number recorded today. I was in the House where it was warm and stuffy, one of those days when I would rather have been out in the air. I just love the silhouette of the House as the sun comes over.

The House was busy too, and everyone very appreciative of all that was on show, eager to find out more even from the minuscule amount that I know. I do love this interaction with visitors and being able to help them have a great time at a place I love.

I am promoting Waddesdon again on Thursday when I will spend a few hours on the Waddesdon stand at the Bucks County Show encouraging people to volunteer.

Pepper is a much more civilised dog today and currently asleep at my feet. All will be well but thanks to everyone for your moral support and encouragement.

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