I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Denver Botanical Gardens with Pipersmom

I had a rough night with a rugby team at the hotel. They were loud and going in and out of the rooms until 1:30am. I called the desk and they did come up to quiet them. That lasted 5 minutes. Finally got some sleep.

A shower and breakfast perked me up and the knowledge that the team checked out this morning and a promise of some compensation put a little more lift in my step.

I met Pipersmom and we were off shooting the cameras and our mouths non stop until we parted ways. It was such a great day and we only saw a very small portion of the gardens. We promised each other we would return! 

The first extra is PM getting a shot of a damsel fly. It is on the tip of the water lily bud, if you look close. Second is looking through a fence to some fountains. (I was drawn to those fountains). Third is some Chahuly glass planted in a pond with wonderful lilies around it. The last is some dragonflies doing what they do this time of year. They were all over a tree that we sat under for our final visit before parting. (also where the lilies and PM pictures were taken from)

I am grateful that PM was willing to drive in to Denver for this adventure. If you get a chance to meet her, I would recommend making the effort. Another Blip friend met in person! How lucky am I?

My comments will be few and far between until I get back home. Thanks for stopping by with comments and gifts and I will be catching up with your journals soon!

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