Riders Eye View

During yesterdays ride I used the camera to take some video, wasn't interesting enough to keep but I did find that operating the SatNav and Camera would be easier if their positions were swapped. I've just done it and held the normal camera up to my eye level to show what I see when I'm riding, other than a foam backed garage door that is!
SatNav on the left, Camera (with yellow bits) on the right, and I can still see the instrument panel, speedo, tacho, warning lights etc.
It's quite amazing really, my Shadow didn't even have a fuel gauge but on the CTX I have multiple functions at my fingertips such as Trip A/B mileage, air temperature, mpg indicator, miles remaining with the fuel I have, fuel gauge with warning light when getting low (no reserve tap to fiddle with), display telling me which track is being played by the audio system and the volume, average speed per journey, etc.... etc..... It's quite amazing.
One old chap yesterday asked me where the kickstart is and went off laughing :-)

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