My Photo Journal Journey

By howesruth

Dewey spider web

It was time for work when I noticed the dew drops on the spider web.  Knowing I had a busy day and wouldn't be home till after  dark it was a quick trip back inside to get the camera and quickly shoot off a couple of photos of the resident spider.  They are not as clear as I would like but time didn't allow that to happen.  Teach was strutting around saying "time to go...time to go"   

After school I went over to see my dad, he is doing real well and like the bear I gave him for father's day (it said "I can give you a hug from me").  It has pride of place on his table by his bed.  After visiting him I called in to see my sister for her birthday.  Her first without our mother being here.  It is the firsts that are the hardest!

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