Desperately seeking

By clickychick


I've gotta get out of this place......

I would loved to have watched the film "Walking with Dinosaurs" on the huge screen and seen the exhibition from the Natural History Museum. We are so fortunate that Rheged brings these things to Penrith, but busy, busy me missed it. It finishes on Sunday. I cannot go!

So I was at Rheged today. I did some business in town and called in at the studio to collect my canvases which were delivered this morning. I had to get them to Rheged for their C-Art shop only a few yards down the road. 

Bad timing! I couldn't  deliver them until after 2pm! I got my canvases and card delivered and headed off to The Mate's.  

We combined the studio shots we had taken for a client then we looked at the wedding shots each other had taken at the weekend. I was thrilled to see the church shots he'd got and, thankfully, he was delighted with the previous 5 hours of shooting I had done! Such a relief to know that, together, we could give a great presentation of their glorious day!

I still have more editing to do.

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