Got an itch!

The fawns are growing up too fast. This little one is way too friendly with humans. The island is so small they have to live in our yards. I have 4to 6 living in my giant magnolia tree. They are almost like dogs. I mowed grass and this one followed the mower around the back field. Comes within 10 feet of me and has little or no fear. Sugar has run them before and all they do is run in circles and come right back.
The extra is a baby squirrel that hops like a bunny. I do not think it can use it's back legs correctly. It did not try to get away from me today. It can not climb a tree. I actually thought it was a rock. It looked so healthy but there is a problem and it was sad to watch .
Thinking of our people in TX and LA. I have friends in LA, hoping they will make out ok, I haven't heard from them in a few days. Enjoy your weekend, stay safe.

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